Email marketing can be a great addition to your other marketing efforts and does not require many resources. You do not need to pay for it and it has a lot of spaces for experimenting, tweaking and optimizing. Below are some tips for running a successful email marketing campaign.

1. Understand your goals; what would you like to achieve? To introduce a new product? To drive users to your website? To offer coupon and increase sales?

2. Build a list of people who would like to receive your emails. Either encourage people to subscribe on your website or while you chat with them face to face in your shop. You can offer discounts and latest offers via email.

3. Keep your content relevant. Being an organic food boutique, you wouldn’t want to send a recipe of a meat pie to your vegan audience. Know your customer and target according to their interests

4. Try to anticipate what your customers might be interested and write them about it. For example owning a flower shop, you might want to remind them about approaching St.Valentine’s Day and the best bouquets you can offer for this occasion.

5. Build relationship with your customers – ask them feedback about your products, which information they would like to read in your emails and how often. In this case they will understand you care about them and you will have higher open rates of your emails.

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