Preparing long-term goals, appreciating
meaningful milestones

Deciding to go online or increase your online presence can be very overwhelming especially taking into consideration the amount of platforms and ways to promote your business, acquire new customers and engage with the existing ones.
Raftika is ready to become your digital ambassador.

Why is it important to be online?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious. Think about that - even our grandparents have and enjoy their Facebook accounts! So to have online presence is a must in order to expand your business, gain new clients and simply put yourself on the map of the digital world.

How can

Raftika help?

We can build a digital strategy uniquely tailored to your business:

Identify goals,
Pinpoint the best marketing channels for you
Understand how search engines rank you
Analyze and improve your existing SEO or develop one from scratch
Develop a long term social media plan
Identify your pitfalls and what can be done better
Single out YOUR precise target audience with the help of analytics (no fortune telling here!)
Work on keywords that are best associated with your business and
target audience

What can you achieve?

A clear understanding where your business is going and how to get there, as well as what to expect on the way. How to overcome obstacles on an every day basis, achieving your KPIs on the way to the bigger goal.

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