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Staying human in the digital reality

Raftika facts:

About us:

We believe that machines have to serve the greater good of humanity and the world.

Staying on top of all the trends in marketing, digital innovation and keeping our finger on the pulse of the incremental change of the industry, we are using the technology to help our clients grow their business and bring loyal engaged customers.

We translate the digital language to our clients and help them make their online presence and advertising efforts meaningful.

We educate our clients, providing them with tools and knowledge to succeed and keep track of their progress.

Our expertise:

Social Media Marketing
Paid Social Media Advertising
Campaign Management

Data Analysis
Display Advertising
UX/Customer Experience
Mobile Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Oddie - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We love dogs!

Feel free to bring your dog to a meeting with us or just share with us their picture, so we can go all  ‘Aw, cute!’

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